The Gear Giveaway is the product of two aging rockers getting together to launch a skills-based competition website to give anyone the chance to win quality guitars and guitar related gear with our tickets starting from less than the price of a loaf of bread. 

The aim is to give you the chance to win some of the best gear on the market and create our own guitar community along the way. Ultimately we want to try and raise as much money for our chosen charities

Once upon a time, when they both had hair, Drew and Paul were almost famous. Well they thought they were. They have been band mates for 25 years and have played in front of thousands. Paul the front man and Drew the lead guitarist. 

They first met when they were 17 forming a band called Small Profit. In their mid-twenties they put together the mighty Zoidberg and went on a journey that would involve playing all over the country including a triumphant festival gig supporting the main headline act The Pigeon Detectives. 

These days they continue to attempt to make music and would have had their latest project – a guitar led techno outfit – on the road had it not been for a global pandemic. 

They have come together again but as business partners this time. The Gear Giveaway aims to offer everyone the chance to win quality guitars and other guitar related gear whilst also raising money for charity with monthly charity raffles.

The net profit of all charity competitions will be split between Silver Lining and The Teenage Cancer Trust charities.


Drew is 42, a father to a wonder little girl, a successful salesman, and an excellent chef. He's also an avid guitar collector and once appeared on Master Chef which is a story he loves to tell so be sure to ask him about it. 


Paul is 43, a father of 2, and to counter the front man image has spent the last 22 years buried in spreadsheets and process management. He is a massive boardgame geek and enjoys anything with wizards and dragons in it.